Lesson 3 Taskbook

Saying - to smell a rat; homophones there,their and they're; tricky word 'was'; spelling pattern soft 'c' and improving simple sentences with adverbs. | taught by Debbie Abraham
Debbie Abraham
Debbie Abraham
Specialist Dyslexia Teacher

I work as a Specialist Dyslexia Tutor and have supported many students with Dyslexia for over 12 years. I am a qualified teacher with a Level 7 qualification in Literacy Difficulties. I also hold an Assessors Practising Certificate meaning I can assess for Specific Learning Difficulties like Dyslexia in the UK.  I am a passionate researcher who likes to find answers to parent's problems with their Dyslexic children and makes the answers to their complex issues easy to understand and implement.

Course Curriculum

Taskbook 3
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